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Web Design, Brand Refresh


ENJINE creates sophisticated software for quantitatively oriented investment managers.

Enjine Hero Mock up

How it started.

  • 01. The Problem

    Established in 2017, Enjine set out to be a trailblazer in its industry by creating sophisticated software for quantitatively oriented investment managers. As they evolved, they needed a brand and website refresh to help increase conversions.

  • 02. The Insight

    After interviewing the team, researching potential customers, and doing a competitive analysis—I discovered elevating Enjine’s brand and highlighting their expertise would fulfill potential customers’ needs.

  • 03. The Solution

    A brand refresh that helps it stand out. A clean and approachable website focusing on the founders’ story and their expertise while adding a human touch to help connect the new brand and website to potential customers.



July - September 2019

Design Role

Art Director

Design Concepts

User Experience

Visual Design

Time to Invest.

The Brief

Enjine–They’re really good 
at math.

Enjine is a team of software developers, mathematicians, and finance experts serving the finance industry. The team approached me to help elevate their brand, tell their story, and increase their leads.

The project entailed a refresh of their brand and a complete redesign of their website.

Branding Colors

Dark Blue (Expertise & Stability) and Yellow (Intellect, Clarity & Energy) as the primary colors.

Enjine Blue
Enjine Yellow
Enjine White
Enjine Gray
Enjine Black

The Website

Calculated with precision.

It was time to put the keys in the ignition and test drive Enjine’s new brand refresh in a real-world setting. Using all the brand elements—the colors, shapes, typefaces, and tone of voice—I designed the site to tell Enjine’s story in a way that feels true to the brand, smart and trustworthy.


The complete redesigned of Enjine homepage. Bold typograph, strong colors and a clear CTA.

The Inner Pages

It pays to be consistent.

Enjine slide home
Enjine contact

How it’s going.

Enjine has seen a 23% increase in conversions within 5 months of their relaunch. They’ve also noticed an improvement in page view counts and overall time spent on-site per session.

Increase in conversions
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