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Adobe XD Live, Black History Month Collaboration

Haiti Header

How it started.

  • 01. The Problem

    In collaboration with Adobe XD for Black History Month, I was presented with the unique challenge to educate an audience about the history of how a tiny country in the Antilles became the first black country to gain its independence while addressing design, typography, and best practices in the process.

  • 02. The Insight

    I didn’t let the fact that I happened to be from that country blindside me on my research, for I was sure there was a lot more for me to learn as well. After reading more about history, I spent some time looking at ways to tell an engaging story through type choices, colors, layouts, and of course, my general presentation.

  • 03. The Solution

    I told an unbiased, well-researched, and exciting story of how Haiti became the first black country to gain its independence. Fantastic typography, colors, and a simple design helps bring this story to life.


Feb. 2021

Design Role

Art Director

Design Concepts

User Experience

Visual Design

Haiti Logo

Aye matey!

The Brief

Haiti-A story of heart, strength, and heroism.

I was approached to build a site to tell the rich and powerful story of a small island in the Antilles and how they became the first black country to gain their independence.

Branding Colors

Black and beige. Inspired by old books and a sense of history.


The Website

A story close to my heart.

Diving into the research for this site was not only fun but inspiring. Originating from Haiti myself, this was a subject close to my heart.
I wanted to tell the story with uncompromising attention to detail on every page to immerse the readers in the story, sans distractions.

The Main pages

These are the pages that define the composition’s general layout and typesetting for the rest 
of the website.

Haiti Home pageHaiti_Important-people

The inner-pages

History repeats itself.

Desalline close up

How it’s going.

I’ve found a renewed sense of pride in what my ancestors accomplished. Since the stream, I’ve had many people reach out to me, wanting to learn more about the story and my design process.

Watch my presentation