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You’re interested. I’m blushing.


Jaslin Tonton Digital Designer & Storyteller.

As a designer, I love simplifying complex problems and telling engaging stories. I believe the most innovative solution to a complex problem is often the simplest. I bring together my years of design and life experience to help people and brands tell their stories.

In the beginning

Made in Haiti. Designed in Orlando.

Born and raised in Haiti until the age of 13. Then I moved to the states, where my design journey begins. Designed my first MySpace page and thought, ‘Hey, this design thing is pretty easy.’ Ah, the blissful ignorance of youth.

Much older wiser and humbler now, living in the sunshine state, where I’m crafting, directing, and perfecting my skills daily as an Associate Creative Director for Apple.

My process

How it all comes together.

  • LearningListen to understand, not just to answer.

    Understanding the user’s needs and the product’s objectives are my first steps to solving any problem.

  • ThinkingThink of many things—do one.

    I set aside all assumptions and approach each project with an open mind. Hypothesize, ideate, test, and reiterate.

  • CreatingBeauty is a good letter of introduction.

    You cannot have an incredible user experience without great aesthetics. It’s all in the balance. I spend endless time stressing the small details because they matter.


Much more than design.

Being a designer is important, but more than that I truly value my family—being a husband and a father is my greatest achievement.

When I’m not busy telling digital stories, you’ll find me ‘bending it like Beckham’ at the soccer field or watching Encanto for the 88th time with my wife and daughters.

“Hire him—he’s a good son. He calls, and not just on holidays.”Mom

I love what I do

Time flies when having fun.

13 headshotyears of learning, thinking, creating, and telling compelling stories for companies and individuals worldwide.

I’ve succeeded and failed at times. But I have never failed to learn from my experiences. I look forward to whatever comes next, with anticipation and excitement.